The Chambers of F.Khan.

The Chambers of F. Khan are a unique set of chambers, based in London, England, but dealing with disputes and matters, locally, nationally and internationally.

Chambers is a dynamic, forward thinking set  committed to delivering the highest standards of service delivery to our varied client base. Whether they be solicitors, corporate clients, international clients or individuals chambers provide first class advice and representation through a service delivery model which has been designed from the client up. 

Chambers are committed to delivering the highest standard of advice and representation coupled with a customer central approach. 

We understand the increasing pressures and demands placed on the modern law practice and take a proactive style, working closely with the solicitor and / or the client to prepare the strongest possible case to get the right outcome. 

We employ the highest levels of communication at every stage in order to maximise efficiency and profitability.

We understand that your case is one of, if not the most important matter, in your life. We know that the outcome of your case might affect your whole future.It is for these reasons that your case will become our priority. It will take centre stage.

We know we are good at our job. Rather than read what we have to say about ourselves please read what our clients and others say about us when they have used chambers - Please See - The Client Comments Section on the right.

We have excelled in a number of areas of law. If you have a legal problem, concern or query please contact us. The initial contact will not cost you a penny and we may be able to solve your issue without any further concern, costs or delay to you.

Mr Khan travels locally, nationally & internationally to advise his clients. This can be arranged should you require it.